From a color to another

According to an ancient legend, the name would come from the Old Norse Norðrvegr, which means The way to the north. Named because the long, cut-out coastline was usually ice-free in winter. In autumn, the coastline passes from one season to another, the landscape is colored with gold and the temperature drops slowly throughout the month of September.

The ferry crossing from Hirtshals (Denmark) to Bergen (Norway) will take 19 hours.


In a fresh and bitting air, September and October means the arrival of a wetter and uncertain weather, the rains can be very abundant in this season. Gradually, as the winter approaches, the days shorten, the night falls more and more early in the afternoon and the temperatures drop.

The landscape is adorned with golden colors under a changing, charged or luminous sky and the autumn storms begin to hit the coast, with heavy winds and torrential rains.

Runde island







Voksa island


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