From 0°C, snow, to 24°C, sun in one week.

Located at 1900m, the village is surrounded of peaks including the Wildspitze (3774m), the highest in Tyrol. There are many footpaths, narrow and steep passages near the edge and near the emptiness. And a very changing weather!

Vent and the Ötztal valley

An average of 10 km per path, with slopes of 1000 m, a walking time of 6h to 8h, Vent is a village for the sports hike.  Located on the southern edge of the Ötzal valley, almost on the Italian border.  It is surrounded of 3000+ meters high peaks including the Wildspitze and the Similaun, it’s a basecamp since the 19th century for the climbing of the peaks.  In summer, 3500 sheep are taken to pasture.

The valley splits on both sides of the imposing  Talleitspitze: on the right, the Rofental runs along the massif of the Wildspitze and the Hochvernagtspitze, then is barred upstream by the Weißkugel. On the left, the Niedertal is on its way to the foot of the Ramolkogel and the Schalfkogel before the circus of the Similaun. These peaks, 3000+ m, represent as many legendary races for mountaineers.

On the way to Ramolalm (2.215m) & Ramoljoch

On the way to Roffen (2.014m), Vernagt Hütte (2.755m)

On the way to Breslauer-Hütte (2.844m)


On the way back, a stop at Bregenz, on the right side of the Constance lake, at the foot of the Pfänder mountain. Bregenz is the chief town of the Vorarlberg and is located on the road and waterway of the valley of the Rhine, at the foot of the German Alps. Switzerland is located at only 5 km, and Germany is even closer.

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