A journey through the maze of memories, over the water

A book designed to be read along a 2.5km walking path, where the memories comes to the meet the fountains's history of the city of Péruwelz.

This project was done in association with AG’ySont (a non-profit organisation who aim to build links between generations), Arrêt59 (Cultural House of Péruwelz) and the Escaut-Lys River Contract (a non-profit regional organisation who work to preserve the river water quality and ecological diversity) .
The book is the conclusion of two years of works with memories, documents, discussion and meetings between young people and elders (called the Bearers of the Memory) in the entity of Péruwelz.

The project is rooted in history and comes to life through the production of a book and a walking path along the fountains of Péruwelz.

I was commissioned for the development of the book through graphic design and photography and I worked with Isabelle Baldacchino who has collected the stories and written the texts. The book is designed as a complement to the walking path, like a note book, but also as a book who can stand on the bookshelf.

This book will follow you on your walk along a 2.5km path where memories comes to meet local history of the fountains and steams.

It was designed as a complement to the path, like a note book, but also as book who can stand in the bookshelf.

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